Dr. Vu Ngoc Tam

  • Professor at Oxford University (UK) and University of Colorado Boulder (USA)
  • Founder and CEO, Earable Inc.

Dr. Vu Ngoc Tam currently works at the University of Oxford (UK) and the University of Colorado Boulder (USA). He received 10 US patents and many awards at international technology conferences in the field of medical devices. At the same time, Dr. Vu Ngoc Tam is the founder and director of the Mobile and Networked Systems (MNS) Lab at the University of Colorado Denver.

Until now, among the mobile technology researches on healthcare that Dr. Vu Ngoc Tam has done with Vietnamese students, the highlight is the initiative on devices to measure brain waves, eye waves, and muscle waves to assess the sleep quality of users, he and postgraduate Nguyen Tran Lan Anh won the best article award at the world’s prestigious scientific conference on touch technology at Stanford University in November 2016. Or the initiative of him and postgraduate Nguyen Van Phuc of breathing Volume Monitoring – WiSpiro won the best article award at the world mobile technology conference ACM MobiCom – S3.

He is also the founder of Earable Inc. – A device to monitor and improve sleep quality is the latest project to receive a maximum funding of 10 billion VND from VinTech Fund in the first funding round, which is worth up to 86 billion VND for 12 outstanding projects in science and technology sector.

The researches of Dr. Vu Ngoc Tam have been published in world-famous magazines, mobile technology conferences such as ACM MobiCom, ACM MobiSys, ACM SENSYS, ACM CCS, IEEE Infocom, ACM UbiComp, Mobile Computing (TMC) and introduced on many American media channels, such as CNN TV, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal…