Ms. Thanh Nguyen

  • Founder & CEO Anphabe

Ms. Thanh Nguyen founded – Vietnam’s largest career community for management-level professionals which connects 600,000+ members. Anphabe has acted as a bridge between businesses and employees, through accompanying and supporting to build an ideal workplace and quality human resources.

She also holds the role of Chief Happiness Officer. She chose this title because it is Anphabe’s mission, with the desire to contribute a happy human resource for Vietnam. Anphabe’s definition of happiness is different from everyone else’s, Happiness is not just a leisurely job – high salary, true happiness is a connection with the business you choose and convert that connection into passion and loyal. Businesses should not only focus on revenue, but also focus on building a really happy team, so the company will develop sustainably and bring profits as CEOs still want.

In August 2017, Ms. Thanh was the first Vietnamese to receive the “Contribution to HR Community” Award organized by HRD Asia Congress.

She and Anphabe company have organized many events to connect CEO and Human Resources to share experience and knowledge of human resource management in order to connect, work effectively, and be more loyal to the business. Before founding Anphabe, Ms. Thanh was a Marketing Specialist in charge of brand strategy, innovation & communication for 5 countries and the Founder and Operator of the high-level recruitment network under Navigos Group.

In 2019, Ms. Thanh Nguyen attended the Vietnamese Global Leaders Forum (VGLF) in France as a speaker.