Mr. Lam Minh Chanh

  • Founder & CEO SuperVIP & BizUni

Mr. Lam Minh Chanh is CEO of  Business School BizUni and Founder & CEO of SuperVIP. He is also Co-founder of the “Management and Startup” Community (Group Quản trị và Khởi nghiệp) which has +51.000 Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Executives. 

Before starting his own business, Mr. Chanh had 16 years as Senior Manager for foreign corporations: Kodak Sales Manager, AIA Sales Director, Prudential Sales Director, and Dai Viet Securities General Director.

Mr. Chanh has 8 years of startup experience: Vang The Gioi Company, American Mathnasium Center system, Hangtumy e-commerce website, – a bus and plane tickets selling platform, SuperVIP, Business School BizUni, and investing in several companies.

Mr. Chanh graduated with an MBA from the University of Technology Sydney and has been a visiting lecturer at universities and training centers. Currently, he teaches at the CEO Startup program of “Management and Startup”, and the CEO – SME program: CEO for small and medium enterprises of Business School BizUni. He is also a consultant and mentor for some businesses and young entrepreneurs.